As a tribute to Mady’s remarkable life, we have built a beautiful garden where individuals can gather and reminisce about her bright spirit and exuberant personality. The garden serves as a place of solace and comfort for anyone who wishes to visit.

The garden is filled with features that reflect Mady’s unique character. One such feature is a striking graffiti rock, which will showcase her love of bold and vibrant colors. Visitors can leave inspiring messages and notes, using the paint and markers provided. Another distinctive element of the garden is a fountain, symbolizing her warm and welcoming nature.

Another unique feature of the garden is the fountain, which embodies Mady’s welcoming and warm nature. As a place of community, the garden allows people to connect with one another in celebration of Mady’s life. There are many seating areas throughout the garden, each possessing its unique beauty and charm, where visitors can pause and reflect on Mady’s memory.

The garden is open to everyone, welcoming all to come and honor Mady’s memory. We believe that it will serve as a place of healing and comfort, bringing joy and inspiration to all who visit.

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ADDRESS: 7025 Jackman Rd., Temperance, MI, 48182